Saturday, November 08, 2003

x_x ack! I haven't posted in a while... let me leave you with I did this week...

Monday, October 27: Noooooooooooooooooothing really...-_- work, work, work...that's all I have to say...Oh!! And tomorrow is the field trip!! ^^ yay!

Tuesday, October, 28: Field trip! Field trip! Kk, so I woke up VERY early... about 5am, because I couldn't fall back asleep! And after all that I arrived at school at 7:30am! and it only takes 7 minutes to get to my school in car pace...we had our normal shirts while the 9th grade had their graduation t-shirts.. Everything was going well! ^^;; but while we were traveling in the bus.. they had to do it....KAKO MUSIC! for 2 hours straight! It was sickening! (Btw Kako music is rap in PR... ) I soo hate this type of music! Too bad the only rockers out of 51 were 5... *shrugs* Atleast we had CD players. The teacher got sick of the music eventually... and asked if they had anything else that didn't have the word Sex in it lmfao. They put every type of music there is! XD Even mexican music! *snickers* Except rock... u_u No rock in the whole trip... I wonder why José said no... He had the new Sin Banderas CD..>< He should have had brought it so we could hear it! But oh well... we had fun! We went to this conference thing about Minerals when we arrived to Mayaguez. They treat us good. Gave us donuts and such lol. After that we went to the planetarium! It was SO COOL! It was suppose to last 1 and a half... but was cut short to 20 minutes because peeps were making noises...-_- Ya know how lame is that... ;;>> they didn't let the lady finish the presentation on the solar system. And it was getting interesting! She showed us the zodiac signs and all! But oh well... we left and went to the mall to eat lunch. Gilly, Soleil, Ruben, Brenda and I went to Burger King... XD We were all poor... only 6 bucks! I had 28 bucks but I wanted to be with my friends ^^; so I went to Burger King with 'em...while others went to Ponderosa! -_- enjoying the buffet and all.... well we had fun! after eating we went to Home Depot with the Science teach! XD we were all fooling around! some old folks asked us if we were her grandchildren! We laughed our asses off! XD AND THE TEACH IS A MISSUS! We started calling her Auntie Lizzie. We got bored of HomeDepot so we went to big K-mart. There we were looking at CDs... but there wasn't much to look at anyways... we went out... my friends left me with a guy named Sean...-_- pain in the ass...then we saw Ismael and Hector there and we stayed there.. the 9th graders GOT so bored...XD THEY WENT TO PLAY WITH THE LITTLE SHOPPING CARTS! LmAO! It looked like so much fun! The teach said she could see us from inside the store... the manager of the store said "Look at those kids... if they were mine I would get terribly humiliated" LOL Poor Auntie Lizzie XD... she did get humiliated! but ehh... she went out and hopped onto the carts with us too! lol im not kidding.. though it was a small ride. This day was so much fun... well.. we went back home to Arecibo and again... more Kako music XD but Tomoe didn't care neither did I..we fell asleep and Tomoe was using me as a bed!! ><

Wenesday, October 29: Same old thing...nooooooooooooooooooooooothing! ^ ^ Rented Silent Hill 3 the other day...damn its scary but cool!! Two more days for the grades...I'm so scared!

Thursday, October 30: Eek! *hides* Tomorrow are the grades...I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO scared!

Friday, October 31: Today I saw my grades...not bad though...but my internet is being taken away so I can get my grades up and study...-_-'''

Monday, Nov. 3: Another field trip!! This was a awsome one!! but yet again...MORE KAKO MUSIC!! x_x I'm sick of it! We went to see the greatest dance group in PR. AREITO!!! They were SOOOOOOOOOOOO cool!!! Then we went to the mall and I brought a Rammastien cd.

Tuesday, Wenesday, Thursday: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING!!! BORED!!! >< Found out I had as A in a science proyect and a B in a test! ^^ I'm so proud of myself!!

Friday: Sleep ova!! ^_^ Today Tomoe and I are going to have a sleep ova! going to play Silent Hill 3 again!! and talk to Hiro...T_T I found out today that one of my best friends had luquimia...I hope she will be least its not so advance they got to her just in time! ^^;

Today: I found out my friend is leaving so she can have an oparation to cured that Luqimia of hers...I'm so all I need to do is pray...

"Well...I guess...I'll leave my blog entery at this... meh going to sleep now...Oyasumi nasai everyone.." *falls asleep*

PS: Thanks Cat-chan for the new layout and I have new Fanlistings.

X Yahiko prayed at 8:14 PM

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Well today I had 3 free hours in a road....I left school to eat lunch at home but I fell asleep and I didn't go back to school. I did the same yesterday, but yesterday was because I was cleaning my room ^^;;. Well I didn't feel well also...

Tomoe borrowed a Dracula book from the Social Studies teacher. I would leave you with a song from DNAngel!

~Tenchi no Uta: Angel's Song~


yume no nake de
anata ni deatta
anata wa hitori de
sora o nakametteta
watashi wa anata no
yoko gao kagetsumeteta
kuno no mukouni
nani osaga shitetano
hohoemi noimi hoshi ete hoshi no


itsuni natara
anata ni aeruno
aojora no muko o
tsubasa o hirogete
eien no shounen wa
matta hitori tabi ditete yuku
haruka no shimae
nani kaou tomete
watashi o itsuka
o ikagete yukuwa


tenshi ga hohoemi kageru
kanashini nomukouni
tenshi ga hohoemi kageru
hitotsuru nonami dani

X Yahiko prayed at 1:47 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

w00t!! New layout!!! ^^ This layout features Daisuke Niwa and Agate ( Crashina Meno) from DNAngel!! ARIGATOU CAT-CHAN!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! YOU DA MAN!!!! *death glomps her* ^_____________^ THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!

Well....We started "la pretecnica" is it confusing! @_@ I have ALOT of homework to do and I did some quizes are the results:

You represent... angst.
You represent... angst.
You have an extremely cynical outlook on just about
everything. It's okay to sulk and be
depressed, but life is short, and you only get
one. It's only what you make it, and only you
can make it improve.

What feeling do you represent?
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You are Tsukino Usagi

You are love food, boys, shopping, and hanging out with your friends. You tend to cry when things get too hard, and have trouble doing things right the first time. You probably need to study a little harder. Your faith in the basic goodness of all people keeps you on the right track, even when others don't see it.

Take the "What Magic Girl are you?" Quiz

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

What Inuyasha Villain Are You?

What Anime Stereotype Are You?


Find out what bishonen you are.

Depressed Anime Eyes : You dont smile alot and tend
to hang on your own. You know you can deal with
life, but not everyone else is so sure...

What are your anime eyes?
brought to you by Quizilla

X Yahiko prayed at 2:04 PM

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Ohhh!! TOMORROW I DON'T HAVE SCHOOL, FRIDAY I DON'T HAVE SCHOOL, SATURDAY AND usual...MONDAY NO SCHOOL ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!! *dances* I was ALL day with my friend Gilberto. x.x Tomoe had bad day...I had a kinda bad day...I saw my old friend Laura today. and um....*thinks* ^^; I don't know what else to put so here a little song!

~Haikei Akane-san~

Haikei, Akane-San O-genki de o-sugoshi deshou ka
Shochuu mimai ni natte shimaimashita

Michinoku tabi shita o-miyage ni hamabe de hirota hoshi no suna
Kugatsu to iu no ni touhoku wa madamada mousho ga tsuzuite imasu
"Ryouga-Kun, Okinawa ni iru n' ja nai no"

Aa Aitai Aa Akane-San
Uchiki na kono ore warau yo ni o-sora de karasu ga naite iru
O-ike de ahiru mo naite iru
Haru wa hatenaku tooi desu Suki da... Akane-San

Tokoro de Akane-San Ashita ni demo o-ukagai shimasu
Tsurai shugyou ni taeta kono ore no hitome misetai
Tsuyosa ni issou migakikakatta no desu

Jukai wo kugutte gesan shite kirin ni deatta mori no naka
Zou yara kuma yara rakuda yara fushigi ni kemono ga takusan imasu
"Omee, sorya doubutsuen darou"

Aa Aitai Aa Akane-San
Maigo no kono ore warau yo ni o-sora de karasu ga naite iru
Machibata de neko mo naite iru
Yume wa hatenaku tooi desu Suki da... Akane-San

Aa Aitai Aa Akane-San
Uchiki na kono ore warau yo ni o-sora de karasu ga naite iru
O-niwa de panda mo naite iru
Ai wa hatenaku tooi desu Suki da... Suki da... Suki da...

X Yahiko prayed at 6:12 PM

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

T.T I don't feel like Tomoe likes me anymore....she hasn't talk to me or anything...Oh and btw I did 3 quiz and I got
Jounuichi!!! ^^
in another one I got...
And in the last quiz...

X Yahiko prayed at 5:43 PM

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

God I haven't done anything here....>< I haven't been feeling so well.
I already finished my mangas and I have been acting like a real bitch these days...gomen every one...
Hiro: come on, sit on my lap *he pats it*
Shuichi: *jumps on his lap*
Hrio: *wraps his arms around his waist and holds him close in an embrace* that better..
Shuichi: it is?
Hiro: Yeah *starts nibbling Shuichi's ear* Shuichi we are alone so..this must be our lucky day, eh, Shuichi? It's going to but pleasure and sin from here on on? You like that?
Shuichi Ohhh! Don't. Hirooo. Not here. Don't. Stop. Don't. Stop.
Hiro: At your service...
Me: Get a room guys...-.-''
Shuichi: Ack! *runs and hides with Hiro*
Me: -_- Cheating on Yuki, eh, Shuichi?
Shuichi: Iie Iie!! ><

X Yahiko prayed at 3:34 PM

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